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Pepper Request

Here are some tips to get you started with finding players and writing PepperRequests. 
Before you send PepperRequests, you may want to take the time to make yourself a great profile that represents who you are, then brush up on what to look for when you browse other player's profiles.
When you're ready, here's how to start looking for someone to share great games with.

1- Make it personal

There are a lot of ways to personalize your PepperRequest, but remember that the first step is to read every potential host's profile thoroughly.

2- Introduce yourself

Don't send your resume and life history, just let your potential host know why you think he'll enjoy getting to know you. It could be as simple as a description of your trip and a mention of your hobbies. Also, address your potential host by name. No one likes to answer to "hey you!" or copy and paste messages.

3- Find common ground

When sending a specific PepperRequest, you should show your potential host that you've read his or her profile and find it interesting. There are reasons you've chosen him or her, so let them know! Tell them what you might have in common or what you think you can share with them. If their profile mentions guidelines, such as how much time they can spend with VC Members, let them know that you're ok with their rules.

South Beach_FL_USA.JPG

4- Be polite

Always follow up. If a member is unable to accept your PepperRequest, send them a "thanks anyway" note. If a host accepts your Pepper Request, and you have made other arrangements, you need to let him/her know so that he/she isn't expecting you. Finally, if for any reason you need to cancel or change your travel plans, tell all your hosts right away! No one likes being stood up, particularly not by someone they haven't met yet.

5- Timing

Send your PepperRequest at a reasonable time--generally, one to four weeks before you arrive at a destination. It's difficult for players to plan for Members too far in advance or too last minute.

6- Arrival date

Give your host the most detailed information about your arrival time that you can. If your plans are still up in the air, that's fine: start a conversation with your potential host and figure out a time together.

7-Other players with you?

If you're traveling with friends, always introduce them in your PepperRequest. If they're Volley Catchers Members, link to their profiles--and make sure those profiles are filled out, including photos and videos. It won't help you out if you're asking to bring two little gray ghosts!


Beach Volleyball skill levels may vary widely by region. Feedback is highly encouraged here.

We googled around the web to find definitions for these levels, combined some, wrote some. This is an attempt to help with definitions.

Our main focus here is beach volleyball at this time. There are probably better descriptions for indoor and grass volleyball on the internet.

Join Us!

We'll introduce you to the most welcoming guys and girls in town. When you have a Volley Catcher's friend, the doors are open for good games and lots of fun.

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