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How it Works

Become part of our community and expand your volleyball network.

Stranger, DANGER! The same rule applies when you're new to a court.

Create your volleyball profile for FREE and let your credentials do the talking.

1- Sign up

Sign up and create your private access to the website.

2- Create your profile

Create an accurate and authentic profile that helps people get to know you and your volleyball skills. The more complete your profile is, the easier it will be to get approved and be welcomed into new volleyball circles.

3- Choose your court

Check out our locations and choose the courts you want to play on. Would you like to travel somewhere new and play volleyball? We got you!

South Beach_FL_USA.JPG

4- Choose your level

Check out the list of players in the location where you want to play. Choose a player with the right level for you. Finding a partner with the right level is a must for most players. Make sure to check out their bio and videos as well!

5- Pepper Request

Once you have chosen a player, send a Pepper Request to notify them and wait for approval*. Once your request is approved, it's time to arrange the details with your Volley Catcher's friend about time, location, and games. Get ready to play some great volleyball! 

 *If the VC player doesn't respond within 24hrs, we have follow-up support to facilitate the process. 


Join Us!

We'll introduce you to the most welcoming guys and girls in town. When you have a Volley Catcher's friend, the doors are open for good games and lots of fun.


Extra Features

Volley Catchers is built through 4 layers of trust: References, Vouching, Address Verification, and Invitation by FounderOur extra safety features are all optional and helps to elevate trust and the security of the community so you can travel and play safely. More info

The 4 layers of trust

1- References

References allow members to leave reviews for one another based on their experiences. References benefit the entire community by allowing each player to make more informed decisions about who they might want to meet and play with. More info

2- Vouching

Volley Catchers members who have been vouched for are considered to be extremely trustworthy and have a special badge. Our Vouching System helps to elevate trust and the security of the community so you can travel and play safely. More info


3- Address Verification

Verification system by mail to confirm your real name and address.

4- Invitation by Founder

The first players invited to be part of Volley Catchers are friends and people highly trusted by the founder.

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