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7+ Ideas for How to Make Your Own Beach Volleyball Skills Video

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

The best way to show us your skills is by creating a beach volleyball video of yourself. This is a great way to showcase the ball control, technique and game skills you have developed. Once we know your level we can match you with the right group or other players can invite you to play.

Just from seeing a few touches, other players will be able to understand your skill level. Since the quality of the beach volleyball game is dependent on the skill/level of each player, a beach volleyball video is a quick and easy way to verify your level and build the trust to get invited into new volleyball circles.

Recording yourself playing volleyball is also a great way to improve your game -- even if you record yourself just once a month. I do it often and I know professionals and coaches do it all the time. There are so many mistakes you can correct by watching yourself play. A lot of times you're not even aware of your mistakes, especially if you don't have a coach.

Now you're probably asking yourself how to make this video. So let me help you! ❤️

I recommend doing a warm up and a few touches before making the video. The ideas in this post are just suggestions. Some ideas are more difficult than others. You can come up with your own idea or you can choose from the suggestions.

Have fun and be creative!

Basic things you need or might need:

1- Phone 🤦🏻‍♂

2- Someone who can record you 😍

3- Tripod or something that can hold your camera 🤔

Idea 1 💡- Simple pepper

Needed: Friend recording or tripod.

Idea 2 💡 - Full Game

Needed: Camera + Tripod

Can you have someone record your entire game? If not, a Tripod is the way to go.

That way we can see you doing everything! Don't worry about the bad plays -- even professional makes mistakes often!

Idea 3 💡 - Highlights + Video Editing

Needed: Tripod, but I used my water bottle to hold the phone and edited the video on Final Cut. If you just want to trim the video, you can use this free tool.

The camera was not at an ideal position for this video, but it gives you a great idea of the players' skills. (camera positioning from Idea 2 is ideal!) Send us a message if you'd like some help video editing!

Idea 5 💡- Instagram Reels or Tik Tok Highlights

Needed: A friend to record, IG/TikTok app

Having someone recording you is great because they can move, zoom and more.

My tip is to use IG Reels or TikTok because you can press and hold to record many short clips and choose the best clips at the end. Deleting unwanted clips is easy and you should have a short video in the end. You can also add effects, music and share with your friends!

Example: Friend recording, IG Reels or TikTok, Highlights

Idea 6💡- Recording Solo

Needs: Tripod or anything that can hold your phone at a distance. Make sure you're recording far away even to cover a few steps to every direction so you're always on camera.

Example: Solo, using a wall and phone on the floor

Example: Solo, using a wall and phone on the floor

Idea 7+💡- Easy Ball Control Drills

This video has actually many ideas and she also explains how to do each one!

Idea 8💡 - Be creative and have fun!

The more videos you have, the better. Show us your personality!

Leave your comment below!

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