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You might be on a Recreational, B, BB Level

The ball you chose is more acceptable on a Recreational level. If you don't know what balls are mostly used by most players you probably just wanna have fun and that's totally fine!

Have I picked the wrong ball?

Not necessarily. These balls are all "playable" on a recreational level, beginners, parties, tourist courts and etc, where anything and everything goes. The goal here is to have fun. No rules. Put the ball to the other side and game on!

However, if you're looking for more challenging games you will have to start playing with professional balls. The quality of the balls in the pictures here are different than the professional balls and intermediate to advanced players will definitely refuse playing with you and any these balls. I'm just give you straight. That's what happens in real life.

Ps: there is a ball on the list that is not even a Volleyball ball, in fact it is a Foot Volley ball. 

What now?

Now you have an idea of your level you can sign up or take the Quiz again. 

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