References are essential to the entire Volley Catchers Community, helping players find hosts based on their profile and enabling hosts to open their circle of friends with confidence. Each review you receive on your profile will help players decide whether to accept your "Pepper Request" or not. More info

Write your Reference today and encourage others on their volleyball journey!


Frequently asked questions

When should I write a Reference?

You can write a reference whenever you have interacted with a member, either through Volley Catchers recommendation or in person, and have learned something about this person that will be informative to the community.

How to identify players with References?

Look for this icon on the player's profile.

How can I write References for other players?

Use the form on the top of this page. All members can write and receive references. Choose the player - From the dropdown menu choose the player you're writing a Reference. How was your experience - From the dropdown menu choose between positive, negative or neutral. Add your First and Last Name - Your First and Last name used to sign up on Volley Catchers. Write your Reference - This is where you're going to write with details your experience with this member.

What are References?

References allow members to leave reviews for one another based on their experiences. References benefit the entire community by allowing each player to make more informed decisions about who they might want to meet and play with. References are displayed publicly on member profiles, and can be listed as: *Positive *Negative *Neutral

What should I write a Reference about?

References are ideally factual, descriptive, and informative. The following are useful pieces of information: Is the information on this member's profile accurate? Do you believe this member is trustworthy? If they hosted you, did you find their environment safe and welcoming? Describe your overall experience. What specifically made you feel that the experience was positive, neutral, or negative? Would you play with, host, or meet with this member again? Would you recommend this member to a volley catcher friend? What personal qualities stand out about this member? Did you find them to be talkative? Respectful? Energetic? What particular activities did you enjoy sharing with this person besides Beach Volleyball?

Who will see my References?

We collect both public and private feedback. On the forms when leaving your references, you’ll see “private” or “confidential” for information that won’t be shared with the person you’re reviewing. Positive feedback tags will be public and grouped anonymously on this person’s profile in future site updates. Negative feedback tags are private and will be reviewed by our team. Both Positive and Negative references are displayed on member's profiles.