Vouching System

Volley Catchers members who have been vouched for at least 3 times can vouch for others. Basically, Vouching means you sincerely believe this person to be trustworthy.

Our Vouching System helps to elevate trust and the security of the community so you can travel and play safely.

Frequently asked questions

How does Vouching work?

When someone is vouched for, it signifies an elevated level of trust in the community. The only way to become vouched for is to be extremely trusted by someone who has been vouched for by three other members. You must know each other in the real world. If you are a trusted friend, the vouched member can vouch for you. Once you have been vouched for three times, you can in turn vouch for members you sincerely believe to be trustworthy. This creates a lively, worldwide community where friendly players can feel safe, and play all around the world among friends while maybe getting to know the city and culture.

How to identify Vouched players?

Look for this handshake on the player's profile.

Am I able to Vouch?

I'm granting the Vouching option to close friends and people I really trust. This feature can be activated once your profile is fully complete and approved. Good descriptions, pictures, and most importantly, videos are necessary. If you submitted your profile to us and have no connections, be patient and spend some time working on your profile and connecting with other players.

How to activate my Vouching feature?

Spend some quality time completing your profile. Shoot us a message through the "Questions and Feedback" link in the footer of the website once you're done, and I will add the badge to your profile. Another option to activate your vouch is to bring 3 solid players to activate the vouching feature. By solid, I mean players with a Volley Catchers' mentality, easy-going, and etc.

After activating the Vouching feature, how can I Vouch for other players?

Once you have activated this feature, contact us through the " Questions and Feedback" link in the footer of the website with the name of the player. Make sure the player you're vouching for has a complete profile as mentioned before.

What is Vouching?

Vouching means “This person is like family to me". "I would trust this person to stay in my house while I'm not there.”
The first players invited to be part of Volley Catchers are friends and people I've played with. As we already have a solid level of trust, I can vouch for most of them.

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